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Requires and booking by emai or phone. After payment you'll receive a key code for the front door and your apartment.

 By phone +358 50 3067343 / Pia or

 Ps. you can also use whats up and Viber

Upon arrival:

 Key in the key code you received through email or text message to the front door reader, and the door will open. The same code will let you into your apartment. The exact same code will be your key during your stay.


Yömyssy Apartments operates partly unstaffed. This way we can keep the prices more affordable. We'll always be a phone call away, whenever you need personal services.

We try to keep our instructions simple to avoid misunderstandings.

Group accommodation/backpackers:

Do you need accommodation for a busload of people, a class of school children or some other good-sized group? Are you backpacking in Eastern Finland and looking for an affordable place to sleep, cook and do your laundry?

Yömyssy has two adjoining group accommodation rooms - one for "women" and one for "men" - with 20 beds each. The group accommodation facilities include a kitchen and a shared lounge and a TV in the hallway. The toilets and showers are in the downstairs hallway.

The price for a bed is €25/night with your own bed linen. Bed linen  8€/bed.

(Sleeping without bed linen is not allowed.)

You can accommodate as a group or book a single bed.

Sometimes you can gain something by giving up some of you privacy!

We're looking forward to having a great mix of people from different cultures!

PS. Something you forgot to say? You can leave a message on the blackboard!


Being on the road can get you dirty. We have a washing machine you can use and indoor and outdoor clothes lines for drying your clothes. €2/cycle

The box bank next to the washing machine is happy to receive your coins.

The sauna:

Yömyssy's nice and private sauna facilities are located in the basement floor. The steam room has room for 4-5 persons at a time, and the changing room is a perfect place for having a cold drink afterwards.

You are welcome to order some snacks from our chef!

Book in advance 10€//hour



Each apartment has a kitchen, so you can easily prepare breakfast. You can bring you own ingredients or pre-order a breakfast basket and have it delivered to your fridge.

Evening Snack and Breakfast Baskets:

It's never nice to come to a new town feeling hungry and looking for an open groceries store or restaurant. At Yömyssy Apartments, you can pre-order a delicious evening snack or breakfast basket and have it delivered to your fridge. This way you can enjoy your food in your own kitchen whenever you like.

You can place the order when you make the booking for an apartment.

Optional baskets:

1. Two slices of bread or rolls - one rye, one wheat - ham, cheese, salad and greens. A piece of fruit, spread, juice, milk.             €8/basket

 2. Two slices of bread or rolls - one rye, one wheat - salami, cheese, greens, a boiled egg, spread, a yoghurt, juice, milk €8/basket

3. Tuna or feta salad, French bread or a roll, spread, juice, a piece of fruit €12/basket

4. A local meat pie "lihalörtsy", 4 frankfurters, ketchup, mustard, chopped onion, pickled cucumber, milk, a piece of fruit   €12/basket

5. An assortment of cheeses, biscuits and fruit, juice    12€/basket

Electric hook-up point for car engine block heater:


Campers and caravans:

Electric hook-up points in the yard €20/day

You are welcome to use Yömyssy’s toilet and shower faclities.

Extra bed:

Pre-ordered, €10/night

Each apartment has either an extra bed chair for one, or a convertible sofa with pillows, duvets and bed linen.

High chair:

You can ask up-front for a high chair to be delivered into the apartment.


 Pets are welcome.

The charge for a pet is €10/night.

Internet access:

Our premises have a free-of-charge wireless network.


Safety / Incidents

The guests must not disturb other guests or people living in the vicinity of Yömyssy Apartments.

We have the right to remove guests who cause trouble, in which case they are not entitled to a refund or compensation. Any costs incurring in responding to the above mentioned incidents will be charged from the troublemaker.

Any costs caused by responding to, acting on or calling upon a false or mock alarm will be charged from the person who has raised such an alarm.

If any incidents occur, firstly contact the security company or phone Yömyssy: +358 50 3067343.

All our shared premises have a recording security system.

The emergency exits in each apartment are marked with fluorescent tags. The kitchens are equipped with smothering blankets. The building has an automatic fire alarm system in place.

Registration card

Every guest must fill in a registration card with due care and correct information as required by authorities. The filled in cards should be left on the table when checking out of the apartment.

Customers must give correct information about each guest already when booking.

Only the guests registered in advance are allowed to stay in the Yömyssy Apartments.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere indoors in the Yömyssy Apartments. Smoking indoors may trigger the fire alarm, and the contact person associated with the booking will ultimately be in charge of any resulting costs (alarm, cleaning and maintenance costs).

There are smoking areas and ashtrays outside.


We use mildly fragrant and ecological cleaning products.

The rooms are cleaned and the bed linen is changed between bookings.

When booking by week, the apartment will be cleaned and the bed linen changed once per week; on Fridays or during the weekend.

If there's a need for extra cleaning between bookings, the person in charge of the booking will be invoiced.

Extra washing of carpet/rug or bedding                           €80/item

Cleaning of vomit, faeces etc.                                        €100

Damage to or missing of movable property

Each apartment has a list of movable property, which will be checked when the apartment is cleaned.

If any movable property is found to be damaged or missing, we have the right to charge the customer with the listed price.

How to reach us by bus

See the following link for bus timetables:

Choose Kerimäki as your destination (To:). Ask the driver to leave you at the Toroppala bus stop. The bus stop will be soon after the Ruokolahti junction on the right.

Continue walking towards Toroppala about 150 meters,  and you have reached us. The Yömyssy Apartments is on the right side of the road.