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Group accommodation 15+15 people

Apartment ID: A21 and A22

These two group accommodation facilities are perfect for many kinds of needs. There are 15 beds in each room, so they sleep up to 30 people. The beds are everlasting and nostalgic army beds. The fully equipped kitchen ensures that you can easily prepare and enjoy your own food.

The group accommodation kitchen includes a large refrigerator, microwave oven, stove/oven, coffee maker, water kettle, toaster, and basic tableware and kitchenware.

It is the ideal, inexpensive accommodation for backpackers. The nearby bus stop guarantees easy access. Cheap accommodation and chance to make your own food allows a tight budget, and there’s a lot to see in the surrounding areas.

Does your sports team need cheap accommodation for the duration of the tournament? You can even use our ice-hockey rink for your pre-match warm-up and post-match cool-down routines. Breakfast and snacks are easy to prepare in your own kitchen – without any extra costs. And the sauna is always a great place for post-game analysis.

Planning a family get-together? This is a really inexpensive choice of accommodation, and you can enjoy our delicious food in the grand hall.  We can arrange entertainment according to your wishes. Those preferring privacy can book apartments of their own, yet stay in the same building with the rest of the group.

A great base camp for school children on a field trip; one room for girls, the other for boys. We can arrange meals whenever you like, and there's just enough things to do: The Kerimäki Wooden Church, the Olavinlinna Castle, the Finnish Forest Museum Lusto, and the Kesämaa water and amusement park for the kids.

There are many things to see around Savonlinna.

Bookings and enquiries:

+358 50 3067343 / Pia